The Time for Change is Now!

Drivers across the country are standing up to XPO, demanding better pay and working conditions. Now it’s your turn.

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You shouldn’t have to beg a multi-billion-dollar employer for safety, dignity and respect. But with XPO, nothing comes easy.

For more than seven years, XPO workers have been fighting against misclassification and low wages. But across the country, XPO workers are joining together and beginning to win big for themselves -- and their families.

Just recently, 784 brave drivers in California stood together, took on XPO and won two settlements requiring that the company pay $30 million for the misclassification of drivers. And this past year, F​​lorida and New Jersey XPO workers ratified their first contract ever -- winning the job protection, pay, and retirement security that they deserve.

We are on the winning side but this is only the beginning.

To finish the fight at XPO, we must come together as one and demand what all XPO workers rightfully deserve: better working conditions and better pay. We’re here to help.

Learn more about what we’re fighting for by reading truck driver, Omar Alvarez’s USA Today Op-Ed.
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With a union contract, XPO must hear your demands and abide by it. We’re tired of seeing XPO get richer, while workers get cheated out of the pay, benefits and rights they deserve.We’re done waiting around for change. Are you?